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The Prophet (pbuh) of Arabia, as described in the Bible “The Burden upon Arabia”- 

Isaiah XXI.13.

  • محمد في التوراة والانجيل

    البروفيسور. ديفد بنجامين كلداني 1867 م 1940م عالم لاهوتي , عضو الكنَيسة - الرومانية الكاثوليكية, وأسقف أرومية

  • Mohammad dans la Bible.


  • Mohammad en la Bibla

    Prof. David Benjamin Keldani B. D., obispo católico de Uramiah 1867-1940.

  • Mohammad in the Bible
    Prof. David Benjamin Keldani B.D., a Roman Catholic (Bishop of Uramiah) 1867 - 1940 .
  • Mohammad in der Bible
    Professor David Benjamin Keldani BD, ein römisch-katholischer Priester der Chaldäisch-Katholischen Kirche (1867-1940) in Persien. .

When asked how he converted to Islam? He wrote:  

“My conversion to Islam cannot be attributed to any cause other than the gracious direction of the Almighty Allah (God). Without this Divine guidance all learning, search and other efforts to find the Truth may even lead one astray. The moment I believed in the Absolute Unity of God, His Holy Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) , became the pattern of my conduct and behaviour.”

Islam our choice

«And when they (who call themselves Christians) listen to what has been sent down to the messenger (Muhammad) you see their eyes overflowing with tears, because of the truth they have recognised. They say “Our Lord! We believe, so write us down among the witnesses.» (The Holy Qur›an, 5: 83).

1. Abdullah bin Salam : He was a great Jewish rabbi at the time of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) He embraced Islam and died in 43AH/663AD.

2. Dr. Abdul Kareem Germanus : A professor in oriental studies and is a well-Known excellent orientalist from Hungary. He is a linguist and an author on Turkish language and literature.

3. Roger Araudy : He was born in 1913 and embraced Islam in 1982.

4. Ibrahim Khaleel Ahmed : An Egyptian priest, born in 1919. He embraced Islam after a long study of the Quran in 1955-1959.

5. Lord Headley Al Farooq Peer : A statesman and author.He was born in 1855and embraced Islam in 1913.

6. Muhammad Asad : Leopold Weiss was a statesman, a journalist and an author.He was born in 1900 AD. After years of devoted study, he became one of the leading Muslim scholars of our time. He wrote many books about Islam, the most important two books are “Islam at the Cross-Roads” and “Road to Makkah”.

7. Robert F. Shedinger : Aprofessor in religions at the Luther College in Iowa, USA. Hemade a controversial claim in a new book arguing that Jesus Christ was a Muslim.

The Characteristics of Islam

These characteristics won numerous converts to the faith in the past and are still appealing to the modern time. Some of the major characteristics of Islam are:

1. Simplicity, rationalism and practicality.

2. Unity of matter and spirit.

3. A complete way of life.

4. Balance between individualism and collectivism.

5. Universalism and Humanism.

6. Permanence and change.

7. Cmoplete record of teachings preserved.