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Comprehensive Guide to Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures!

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The Hindu scripture references to Prophet Muhammad are considered as one of the most discussed inter-religious topics between Hinduism and Islam. Therefore, a large number of writers argued for the notion and presented textual references supporting it. We will here evaluate most of what is written in Hindu scriptures about the last prophet and see whether they fit Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Famous Hindu writers wrote about Prophet Muhammad in the Hindu scripture

The mention of Prophet Muhammad in Hindu scriptures: in Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Bhavishya Purana, ... etc. was supported by scholars who were interested in writing about this perplexing phenomenon, The Indian Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi, wrote a book called “Muhammad in World Scriptures,” presenting prophecies of Prophet Muhammad in sacred books including Hindu scriptures.

Likewise, the Hindu Dr. Ved Prakash wrote two works on the topic, followed by the Hindu Dr. Ramesh Prasad who acknowledged that there are some references for Prophet Muhammad in the Hindu Scriptures.

One of the most important Muslim writers on Hinduism and Islam is Dr. Zakir who also issued many articles and lectures on the topic; see for example Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Hindu Scriptures by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Who are the prophets in Hinduism?

Hindus believe that Krishna is one of the divine manifestations of God on earth by which the true God guides his people to him, and it is a misrepresentation of the concept of prophethood mentioned in Islam. Anyway, God would send prophets (regardless of their nature) who will carry His message and words to people.

The Vedas


Hindu scriptures say that there are twenty-four messengers, all of whom appeared except for one for whom they gave many signs and attributes. They referred to him by some names such as: “Kalki Avatar” means the one who cleanses from sins; “Narashansa” which means the praised one; and other names carrying the meaning of the teacher and the ruler of the worlds.

Muhammad’s names are mentioned in the Hindu Scriptures

In another article, we gathered textual references that urge the reader to be so confident to conclude that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is mentioned by his names (Ahmed and Muhammad) in many verses in the Vedas (Rigveda, Bhagavad Purana, Samaveda, and others). In addition, the signs associated with these literal names are perfectly matching Prophet Muhammad, leaving no room for any other possible.

Whereas; he is the one who restored the concept of sacrificing animals only for Allah, not any other mini-gods; he is the spiritual teacher who dwelt the desert; he is the prophet who appeared in Mecca which is in the middle of the earth, and he is the prophet who was ascended to heaven and had three stages journey.

Is Prophet Muhammad Kalki Avatar in Hinduism?

In another article about Muhammad & Kalki Avatar, we gathered many Hindus textual verses proving Prophet Muhammad is Kalki Avatar in Hinduism as all the conditions and signs are uniquely fitting him and none other than him. For example, he was born in Mecca, his father’s name is Abdullah, and his mother’s name is Aminah; he migrated north from Mecca to Median; he was born on the 12th day in the lunar calendar; he also was circumcised and used to ride horses … etc.

Narashansa is Prophet Muhammad

In another article about Narashansa, we presented several pieces of evidence proving Prophet Muhammad is Narashansa. Many Hindu scholars argue the literal meaning of the name “Narashansa” refers to the Arabic literal meaning of Prophet Muhammad. In addition, putting together all the unique and distinctive signs of Narashansain Hindu scriptures, you will find that this sign combination fits none other than Prophet Muhammad.

Click here to review the whole article about Muhammad and Narashansa

Prophet Muhammad’s Companions in the Hindu Scriptures

In another article, we presented explicit textual references from the Hindu scriptures arguing that the last Prophet’s companions’ signs in Hinduism are perfectly matching Prophet Muhammad’s Companions: “They are circumcised; they grew beards;  they avoided eating pork; they fought those who call to falsehood, and they were tough against the infidels and those calling for disbelief”.

Why do Muslims quote Hindu Scripters?

People usually ask: if Muslims don’t believe in the Hindu scripture, why do they quote their text to prove Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God?  

The answer is: The Islamic conception of religion’s origin does not say that religions are devoid of any right, but rather says that God has sent a messenger for literally every nation. Later on, the followers of these prophets have distorted and altered the message of God, so God sent the final prophet with his preserved book, which is the Qur’an. There could be some true information that would trace back to the true divine origin of the religion and could be helpful for certain prophecies.

Another possibility is that the early Hindus (Aryans) may have quoted the good news of the coming of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the message of Abraham, as it is proven that the migrations of the Aryans took place during the period in which Prophet Abraham was preaching.

Hindu scholars had a wide range of reactions to the Prophecies of Muhammad (PBUH) in Veda and the Hindu scriptures. Some of them argued the text refers to any of their leaders or has not yet been fulfilled, but there is no supporting evidence as we have explained in other articles about Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad in Hinduism. (Links cate) Others accepted it to be referring to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and either kept it secret or announced it to the public.

Conclusion | Is Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Hindu scriptures?

Yes. Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in Hindu scriptures beyond any doubt. Prophet Muhammad has fulfilled all the conditions and signs of the last Prophet in a way that could not be true for anyone else. Prophet Muhammad was also mentioned in the scriptures by his name (Ahmad, Muhammad, Mamh, Hamad …etc.), birthplace, mother & father, the number of wives, his companions, his emigration, his essential teachings ... etc.

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