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Signs of Kalki Avatar & Mohammad | How to identify Kalki Avatar in the Hindu Scriptures?

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The Hindu scripture references to Prophet Muhammad are considered as one of the most discussed inter-religious topics between Hinduism and Islam. Whereas a large number of references of the signs of Kalki Avatar fit Prophet Muhammad. Many scholars present textual references supporting Kalki being Muhammad. We will here evaluate most of what is written in Hindu scriptures about the last prophet and see whether they fit Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Introduction | Prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad in Hinduism

Hindu scriptures say that there are twenty-four messengers, all of whom appeared except for one. They referred to him by some names such as: “Kalki Avatar” means the one who cleanses from sins; “Narashansa” which means the praised one; and other names carrying the meaning of the teacher and the ruler of the worlds. They also gave many signs of Kalki Avatar:

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Signs of Kalki Avatar matching Muhammad in the Hindu scriptures

Many scholars are of the view that these prophecies apply to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), lets carefully read the Hindu characteristics of the last prophet and see whether they fit anyone other than Prophet Muhammad or not.

  • Kalki Avatar’s country, Father and Mother

The Hindu scripture prophecied that the last prophet will be born in Mecca, his father’s name is Abdullah, and his mother’s name is Amina. The Hindu Bhagavad Gita says (translation):

“At that time in the village of "Shambhala", when a man named "Washnuyash" was born in his house "Kalki". (Bhagavad Purana 2/18)

The word “Shambhala” means the village of security, and its Arabic equivalent is al-Balad al-Ameen. The word “Washnuyash” is derived from “Washnu” meaning God and the word “Yash” meaning slave so that it means the slave of God and in Arabic “Abdullah”.

In another Hindu text, it is added that the name of the wife of "Washnuyash -Abdullah" is "Sumti" (Kalki Purana 2/11), which means “the owner of safety,” the equivalent Arabic name is Aminah.

Prophet Muhammad’s father is called Abdullah, his mother is Aminah, and his birthplace is al-Balad al-Ameen (the nickname of Mecca); i.e. all conditions are fulfilled.

  • Kalki Avatar will be born on the 12th of the lunar calendar:

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday was mentioned in Kalki Purana (2/15):

“He is born on the 12th of the mo lunar calendar in a month called “Maduh”.

The word “Madoh” refers to a desirable and loved month, and it may be the month of spring in Arabic. Anyway, Prophet Muhammad was born in the 12th lunar calendar in the month of the spring (Rabi’ al-Awal), which is the beloved month in the lunar calendar.

  • The Moral attributes of Kalki Avatar

Prophet Muhammad mentioned in Bhagavad Purana (12/2-19) by 8 attributes, I will here mention the unique features of them:

  1. Saying prophecies about the future: Many books have been written on the topic of Prophet Muhammad’s future prophecies whose validity appeared later. (See, for example, Al-Bayhaqi, Evidence of Prophethood.)
  2. From the noblest tribe: Prophet Muhammad belongs to the tribe Quraysh (the noblest Arabian tribe), and his clan was Banu Hashim (the noblest Qurayshan clan).
  3. Has the ability to control his anger: It was narrated that Prophet Muhammad was the best one to control his anger, and he was also urging people saying: The strong man is not good at wrestling, but the strong man controls himself in a fit of rage.” (Bukhari 6114)
  4. Body signs of Kalki Avatar: Kalki is a strong man whose enemies fear him. However, it was narrated that Prophet Muhammad had strong bodybuilding, and he used to inform: “I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies). (Muslim 523f)
  5. Speaks less: it was narrated that Prophet Muhammad’s silence outnumbered his talking times, and he used to speak concise statements. He said: “I have been given words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning”. (Muslim 523f)
  • Kalki Avatar is circumcised and rides horses:

Kalki Avatar was mentioned in Bhagavad Purana (12/2-20): “He rides on a horse, and the light comes out of him, ... and he is circumcised and hundreds of thousands of darkness and infidels are executed.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was circumcised and his nation is also circumcised (while Hindus and their leaders did not know circumcision and did not practice it). Hindu leaders did not use to ride horses, while Arabs (including Prophet Muhammad) considered horses as the main ride.

  • Kalki Avatar has four strong caliphs and the angels descend to help them:

It is mentioned in Kalki Purana (5-7-2):

“[his message spread] with the help of four of his companions, and angels descend on earth to help him in his wars.”

It is well known that Prophet Muhammad has four rightly-guided caliphs of his companions: Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, and Ali. They are the most revered figures in Islam who helped to establish the pillars of Islamic civilization in the world after and during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad.

It was also reported in the Quran that the angels used to descend to help the Prophet in difficult wars such as the Battle of Badr and the Battle of Al-Ahzab:

“Allah will reinforce you with five thousand angels designated ˹for battle˺. (Al Imran: 125)

  • Kalki Avatar would Devote himself in the mountains, and migrate and then return to his birthplace:

Kalki Purana describes Prophet Muhammad in a more unique feature: “After his birth, he goes to the mountains and learns from "Prash Ram (the Great Teacher) … then he goes to the north, then returns to his birthplace”.

This is a unique reference to Prophet Muhammad; he used to devote himself to the service of God in the Cave of Hira within the mountain, where the great teacher (angel Gabriel) came to him and dictated to him the revelation of God.

One of the undisputed facts about the life of Prophet Muhammad is that he migrated from his birthplace (Mecca) to the north (Madina), he then returned to Mecca (his birthplace) after victory.

Muhammad’s names are mentioned in the Hindu Scriptures

In another article about Prophet Muhammad’s name in the Hindu scripture, we presented textual evidence in the Vedas (Rigveda, Bhagavad Purana, Samaveda, and others) that urge the reader to be so confident to conclude that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is mentioned by his names (Ahmed and Muhammad) in the Hindu Scriptures.

In addition, the signs associated with these literal names are perfectly matching Prophet Muhammad, leaving no room for any other possible.

Narashansa is Prophet Muhammad

In the light of the compelling evidence we presented in another article about Narashansa and Muhammad, we argue – as well as other Hindu scholars – that the literal meaning of the name “Narashansa” refers to the literal meaning of Prophet Muhammad in Arabic. In addition, when collecting all the unique signs of Narashansain in the Hindu scriptures, you will find that this sign combination fits none other than Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad’s Companions in the Hindu Scriptures

We presented, in another article about the Hindu prophecies of Islam, textual references from the Hindu holy books showing that the last Prophet’s companions’ signs in Hinduism are perfectly matching Prophet Muhammad’s Companions: “They are circumcised; they grew beards;  they avoided eating pork; they fought those who call to falsehood, and they were tough against the infidels and those calling for disbelief”.

Conclusion | Is Prophet Muhammad Kalki Avatar in Hinduism?

Yes. According to what we have presented, the signs of Kalki Avatar in Hinduism apply perfectly to Prophet Muhammad as all the conditions uniquely fit him:

He was born in Mecca, his father’s name is Abdullah, and his mother’s name is Aminah; he also devoted his worship in a mountain cave, and migrated north from Mecca to Median; he was born on the 12th day in the lunar calendar; he also was circumcised and used to ride horses; he was followed and backed up by strong four companions; angels used to descend helping him in difficult wars, … etc.

We have also proven in other articles that the Prophet Muhammad’s name is mentioned in the Hindu Scriptures, as well as the signs of Narashansa.

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